Grandma's Hands 


My Grandmother, on my father's side, Mary Teresa McGowan, was a vibrant, joyful, potato-peeling, pie-making, Roman Catholic, sherry swilling, ciggie smoking, poetry reciting, theatre loving influence on me.'I haven't got any money to leave you, Love', she said once. But she did gift me a love of performance, shelves crammed the length full of poetry books, and big, strong potato-peeling hands."

Extract from the first version



All photos by Graham Burke 

A solo piece in development about the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. The starting point was the idea that my hands look just like my grandmother's, and my hands are vital in my work as an aerialist. In the first version I started to explore this fascinating relationship,themes of biological inheritance and intergenerational connection using aerial sequences, text, movement, memories and recorded conversations. It's a relationship I find fascinating, it can be tender and less fraught than that between a parent a child, providing a link to personal and cultural history, and for many people, it provides the first point of experience of old age and death.

This piece was shown at Volt, Ausform's regular scratch night for early phase circus works in Bristol, in October 2014, and will be undergoing development in 2015.Please contact me to know more.